Michal Merritt

St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Interview: St. Louis, Missouri

October 30, 2016

Right now what's important to me is just my son, that's what comes to mind first. Family is also, but my son is most important, that's what drives me to be successful. Cuz I come from a rough childhood and background so I've learnt a lot from the streets. If anybody can teach my son, I know it's me. From book smarts to street smarts, I can tell him what to do, what he needs to learn. That's really what drives me to live right now is my son. Everything I do in my life is to benefit him. 
He's a little guy, two years old, turns three November twelfth. I aint seen him in a while, you know, relationship problems. So I gotta do what I gotta do to get me a lawyer. I tried to wait it out, see if she'd come along but, I messed up. I messed up when I was younger doin stuff, but I've grown up a lot now and I feel like we'll reunite when it's right. God know's when it's right. I'm goin through my trials and tribulations right now, but I know my son and I will be reunited sooner than later. 

what drives me to live right now is my son. Everything I do in my life is to benefit him. 

Growin up on the streets of St. Louis was a rough time man. It's real rough. I was exposed to people sellin drugs, a lot of gang violence, that's what St. Louis is known for. So I was brainwashed for the longest time. I thought that was life, that's how you supposed to live. Sellin drugs, sleepin with as much women as you can, I was blind a lot by what's right and what's wrong. I used to hate people, think everyone was out to get me and all that. But now that I'm older, I've learnt those lessons, now I know life is what you make it. Now I'm a people's person. I like to talk to people, I like to travel to different states just to see how different people live, to see different cultures. A lot of people I know have been just stuck here, so they think this is all life holds. You need to get out and travel, explore and talk to people. Look for the good in the world.