Heather Harper

Pomona, California, USA

Interview: St. Louis, Missouri

November 28, 2016

Living in St. Louis is like, it's kind of wonderful, in a way. It has its really great sides and some really not that great sides. Within my first two weeks at college there were two shootings at parties I went to but, when I go out on the weekends and I see Cherokee St. or the Grove area it's like, crap this place is really cool. There are two different sides to every part of it. 

The most important thing to me right now is keeping my heart soft

There's a super conservative mindset here, especially for me going to a historically black college. There's a lot of religious undertone you can feel regarding things like gay rights, and even sexism. You can feel it on campus, there's a huge bias towards the gay community, which is wasn't what I was expecting. I feel like it's because of the Christian religion dominating my culture so much. 
The most important thing to me right now is keeping my heart soft. You should try to keep your heart soft at all costs, even after going through shit that should make it hard. Letting your heart get so heavy when you go through shit I feel like that takes away from humanity growing. Cuz if I let all the shit that's gone down effect me, effect my soul, I think I wouldn't have such a desire to love people, to help people, and things like that.