Andre Smith

New York, New York, USA

Interview: Portland, Oregon, USA

February 28, 2016

I got started a growing and successful curatorial practice, called No Window Shopping®. It's a traveling art residency, which will later have a companion book published, and it has really bean a labor of love because I've been funding it out of pocket for the North America leg which included a 5 month appearance in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and now we're just now concluding our 3 month appearance in San Francisco's Mission District. Now that we are preparing to expand to an international presence, starting with an appearance in Glasgow, Scotland, it is important to me to find funding to keep the project going, while still making time to plan a wedding for next year and earn a living in the art commerce section of the creative marketplace.

Here could go a quote which I didn't put in as I didn't konw which part you would like to have in here...

So what's important to me is action, because you see a lot of things happening and a lot of people want to react--as they should--but rioting and burning cars and pharmacies doesn't necessarily change things; policy changes things, and the people who are getting locked up for rioting can't change things, because they're sitting in a jail. I think art is a better vehicle to speak to some of the things people feel most strongly about--these current events and affairs and larger social issues. Change has to happen on the inside before it can happen anywhere else and I have always found art to be a superior instrument in helping people find ways to connect with something inside of themselves. Art is something that everyone can own an understanding of, or find some appreciation in. And that might be the vehicle for people who don't look alike or think alike to talk or connect on a deeper level—that level where change actually happens.

So I do my part by showing and selling investment grade art that primarily addresses larger social issues, current events and local affairs, in little pockets around the world, and I guess my hope is to show that the lines that connect us are stronger and bigger than the lines that divide. I think with No Window Shopping® it might be possible to prove my concept.