Claire Jackson

Portland, Oregon, USA

Interview: Portland, Oregon, USA

November 20, 2015

I've actually thought about that question a lot recently. I think that the most important thing to me is to be able to depend on yourself. And I think that for a lot of people that answer would be like love, or family, but for me I think it's really important to not let other people become your God. Humans are going to be humans, and you can't expect people to be perfect, so you shouldn't be disappointed when they aren't. So this is kind of my process for learning that, really learning how to depend on myself. I think that maybe becoming your own God or letting yourself be your own spiritual leader is good because you're always going to forgive yourself. Or at least I'm going to, not everyone can. You should, hopefully you will. It's important. You shouldn't live in self hate.

So, I have a lot of these little black notebooks where I just like to keep track of things people say whether it's in a book, or someone I know. It has become like this manifesto of my life. Here's a note about a movie I want to see, this one has a little bit more art going on, I guess you'd just call them journals. Mostly I started doing them because I want to keep them and when I'm older look back and see what was going on. That's crazy I think! To just be able to look into the past. I've been doing it since I was ten. It's actually pretty important I guess. I never really thought that it was until just now. When everyone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I always said a librarian, cuz they have those really awesome fake nails that click on the keyboard and the nice funky glasses, that's what I wanted to do. I desire a simple life, which means I'm not going to be known by a lot of people, so having these records of what I'm doing is important to me because I think they'll live on after I'm no longer here for my kids or grandkids to find, or really just whoever.